The Caves of Qud release roadmap plots the path from our Early Access launch in July 2015 to our full release in 2021. As we finish each feature arc, we move it from the Coming Feature Arcs list to the Completed Feature Arcs one. Arc descriptions may change as we refine each feature.

Completed Feature Arcs

Coming Feature Arcs

  • A Brand New UI (in progress)
    • For a roguelike, our user interface is robust. But we’d like to bring Caves of Qud into the modern era of good RPG interface design. That’ll include full mouse and gamepad support, hotkeys for abilities, a paper doll equipment screen, and much more. The traditional UI will remain available too.
  • Three or Four New Towns and New Side Quests (in progress)
    • In addition to hundreds of generated locations, Qud is home to four meticulously handcrafted towns: the oasis village of Joppa, the cathedral and merchant bazaar at the Six Day Stilt, the subterranean tinker enclave Grit Gate, and the mushroom dwellings of Kyakukya. We’ll add three to four more handcrafted towns across Qud, spanning the mid to late game. Each town will have its own NPCs, merchants, side quests, and particular oddities. There will also be more talking plants.
  • Accessibility & Better Character Creation
    • Caves of Qud is neutron-star-level dense. It’s a puzzle box that’s meant to be unlocked over time, but we don’t intend it to be unnecessarily obfuscated. So we’ll revamp character creation and add accessibility improvements to get you quickly situated in the world and exploring.
  • Two+ New Regions
    • Qud’s regions are diverse: salt marshes, desert canyons, flower fields, jungles, banana groves, fungal labyrinths, and chrome ruins. We’ll add at least two more regions designed for the late game, each with their own flora, fauna, and special encounters.
  • Main Quest: ?????
    • We’ll add the penultimate leg of the main quest.
  • Main Quest: ?????
    • We’ll add the final leg of the main quest, including multiple endings.
  • The Sultans of Qud: Part II
    • Qud is a layer cake of fallen civilizations. In his influential history book, “Frivolous Lives”, the Baccata Yewtarch explains how the past 1,000 years have been dominated by petty humanoid kings and interregna. Before that was the Age of the Eaters, when the mysterious progenitors ruled from lofty spires now buried under shale. The lives of six great sultans have been preserved through cultural artifacts and oral tradition.
    • In the first Sultans of Qud feature arc, we added generated histories for the Six Great Sultans, including historic sites, cults, relics, shrines, and artwork that told their stories. In Part II, we’ll add more mid-to-late game historic sites and we’ll tie together the events of the sultans’ lives so you can retrace their paths through Qud.
  • Special Locations
    • Qud’s history books make note of all sorts of special locations, such as robot king K4K5’s monumental statue and Hegelrut’s tomb. We’ll add more of these to the world as explorable locations.
  • Sound and Music (in progress)
    • Our fantastic composers Craig Hamilton and Brandon Tanner will continue work on their atmospheric, original soundtrack for Caves of Qud. We’ll continue adding sound effects, too.
  • Steam Achievements (in progress)
    • Expect a whole slew of achievements that encourage you to explore every nook and cranny of Qud. Examples: Slay a pentasludge. Become a goat. Wear your own severed face on your face.
  • Coloring in the Lines (in progress)
    • For all the systems and features that already exist, we’ll continually add more content. That means new items, monsters, biomes, fungal infections, skill refreshes, tile art, sound effects, and more.