The Caves of Qud release roadmap plots the path from our Early Access launch in July 2015 to our full release. As we finish each feature arc, we move it from the Coming Feature Arcs list to the Completed Feature Arcs one. Arcs and arc descriptions may change as we refine each set of features.

Completed Feature Arcs

Coming Feature Arcs

  • A Brand New UI (in progress)
    • For a roguelike, our user interface is robust. But we’d like to bring Caves of Qud into the modern era of good RPG interface design. That’ll include a totally re-imagined UI, full mouse and gamepad support, hotkeys for abilities, and more. The traditional UI will remain available for the main gameplay screens, too.
  • Better Accessibility
    • Caves of Qud is neutron-star-level dense. It’s a puzzle box that’s meant to be unlocked over time, but we don’t intend it to be unnecessarily obfuscated. So, building on our character creation revamp, preset builds, and game modes, we’ll add some sort of new player funnel that’ll help situate you in the world.
  • Main Quest: ?????
    • We’ll add the penultimate leg of the main quest.
  • Main Quest: ?????
    • We’ll add the final leg of the main quest, including multiple endings.
  • Sound and Music (in progress)
    • Our fantastic composers Craig Hamilton and Brandon Tanner will continue work on their atmospheric, original soundtrack for Caves of Qud. We’ll continue adding sound effects, too.
  • Steam Achievements (in progress)
    • Expect a whole slew of achievements that encourage you to explore every nook and cranny of Qud. Examples: Slay a pentasludge. Become a goat. Wear your own severed face on your face.
  • Coloring in the Lines (in progress)
    • For all the systems and features that already exist, we’ll continually add more content. That means new items, creatures, cybernetic implants, furniture, cooking ingredients, tile art, and more.